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  International Exchange
International Exchange

Ankang University is a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary state university under the administration of Shaanxi Provincial Government. The university currently offers 52 undergraduate and junior college academic programs as well as several adult education programs within 12 schools and departments, including the Departments of Mathematics, Electronic and Information Engineering, Chemistry, Chinese, Foreign Languages, Politics and History, Education and Science, Arts, Economics and Management, Physical Education, Agriculture and Life Sciences. Student enrollment at AKU is steadily rising; at present nearly 10,000 full-time students are enrolled in classes here. 

The Ankang University campus is situated in Ankang City, which is located in the southern part of Shaanxi Province in central China. Ankang City is about two and half hours’ driving time from Xi’an, the capital city of Shaanxi Province which is famous for the Terra-Cotta Warriors as well as numerous historic landmarks and sites. Ankang City now enjoys access to an excellent transportation system as one of the major transportation hubs in Shaanxi Province and is experencing increasing prosperity. Ankang University is in the process of designing and building a dramatic new second campus, which will house many departments and schools of the university. 

Ankang University has established intercollegiate cooperation with universities in the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. On the threshold of its new developments, we are devoted to reinforcing international cooperation and exchange with renowned academic institutions overseas to improve our educational quality and academic reputation.

 The International Cooperation and Exchange Office is the administrative unit in Ankang University that deals with all aspects of internationalization at the university. Our aim is to support the university's drive to internationalize all areas of academic activity through supporting the development of links with international partners or increasing opportunities for staff and students to spend time abroad while participating in exchange programs with partner universities ; we anticipate diversifying the university's international student population, and we hope to receive visiting teachers and scholars from overseas academic institutions and universities doing their research or spending their sabbatical year at Ankang University.

The International Cooperation and Exchange Office consists of five main areas listed below:

·     International Partnerships

·     Study Abroad & Exchange Programs

·     Recruitment of Foreign Teachers

·     International Admissions

·     Receiving overseas visiting teachers and scholars

Overseas universities seeking a partnership with Ankang University please contact us via email Or if you are a native English speaker who is interested in teaching in Ankang University and you need to know about the acceptability of your qualifications, our website is designed to help you find the information you need.