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  About AKU
General Information of Ankang City

Ankang, located in the southeast of Shaanxi Province, is between the north latitude of 31°42' and 33°49', and between the east longitude of 108°01' and 110°01'. The city of Ankang covers 23,529 square kilometers, accounted for 11.4% of the territory of Shaanxi Provcince. The city's south lies in the north side of Daba Mountains and north closes to main ridge of Qinling Mountains. It stretches 200 kilometers from west to east and 240 kilometers from north to south. Hanjiang River traverses through from west to east and composes to the natural physiognomy of "a river between two mountains". The highest part of the city is situated in the east side of Qinling Mountains with an attitude of 2964.6 meters and the lowest part is 170 meters, which located at the exit of Hanjiang River in Baihe County, which relative difference on atitude is 2794.6 meters. Ankang has unique geographic advantages, which is situated in Xi’an, Wuhan, and Chongqing three Economic District’s geometric center. Between inter-provincial, it adjoins with Hubei Province in the east, Sichuan Province and Chongqing Municipality in the south. In Shaanxi Province, Ankang borders the capital city of Xi’an and Shangluo City in the north and Hanzhong City in the west.


Economy Development:

In 2007, under the correct leadership of Ankang Municipal Party Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, we fully carried out scientific development outlook, relied firmly on all the people of the whole city, made great efforts to implement a breakthrough of the development , accelerated the construction of harmonious Ankang, we accomplished the various tasks set by the Second Session of the second National People"s Congress preferably and made new and great progress on the journey of breakthrough development. The year of 2007 has been the best year of speed of development and benefits in recent years in Ankang.

Ankang fulfilled a gross production of 18.99 billion yuan, an increase of 12.6 percent over the previous year; fixed assets investment of the whole city reached 14.77 billion yuan, including local fixed assets investment of 9.91 billion yuan, rose by 36.5 percent and 39.3 percent respectively; the gross financial income reached 2 billion yuan, of which the general budgetary revenue totaled 580 million, increased by 56.4 percent and 43.2 percent respectively; the total volume of retail sales for social consumables is 6.26 billion yuan, up 17.7 percent; the farmers’ per capita net income reached 2256 yuan, up 15.5 percent; while the per capita disposable income of urban residents reached 8051 yuan, up 17.4 percent; energy consumption per unit GDP is expected to decline by 4.5 percent.

The total grain output reached 1.048 million tons, increased by 9.5 percent, which has been the best level over the past ten years. The output of oil- bearing crops was 89800 tons, up 15.2 percent. The market availability amount of pigs, sheep and livestock reached 1.988 million, 613,000 and 7.455 million, rose by 9.6%, 10.8% and 9.1% respectively. There were 601,000 silkworms with a net increase of 100,000 and 22.332 million kilos of cocoons, up 17.8 percent. The total output of tea was 5.322 million kilos, rose by 13.3%. The quality and efficiency of specialty industries, such as tobacco, Amorphophallus and Chinese medicines improved constantly. The growth of some leading enterprises promoted the construction of industrial bases and transformation from key farm products to distinctive industrial products. Ankang City made persistent efforts to the poverty alleviation work. There have been many noticeable changes in the 487 key poverty alleviation villages, and there are 131 destitute villages in which farmers’ net income was higher than the increase level of the whole city in the year, 102 experimental villages of construction of new countryside which continues to play an exemplary and leading role. The infrastructure construction was strengthened and obvious achievements have been made in the post-disaster reconstruction.


Tourism Resources:

Ankang was named as Jinzhou anciently, which is located in the south of Shaanxi Province, adjacent to Sichuan, Chongqing and Hubei and Hanjiang River runs through. The three electrified railways of Yangpingguan-Ankang, Xiangfan-Chongqing and Xi'an-Ankang Railway intersect in Ankang. Hence, the city has obvious advantages in tourism. Ankang City borders Xi'an in the north, Sanxia in the south, Taoist Holy Land Wudangshan and Shenlongjia Natural Reverse of Hubei in the east and ruins of Three Kingdoms of Hanzhong in the west. Therefore, Ankang City is considered as an important stage which joins "Xi'an-Sanxia-Zhangjiajie" green ecological tourist corridor planed by our country, meanwhile, it is also a green ecological tourist brand in Shaanxi.

Ankang City enjoys rich tourism resources because of unique natural ecological environment of the Qinling and Daba Mountains and the Han River as well as the profound cultural background. There are 32 scenic areas and 78 scenic spots have been found, one is a national level forest park, seven are provincial level forest parks and two are provincial level scenic resorts, of which 29 scenic areas and spots have been developed.


Investment Environment:

Ecological Environment Ankang City, called as a natural oxygen club in the Qinling and Daba Mountains, has been speeded up remarkably and great achievements have been made in the construction of forest ecological environment through the projects of returning cultivated land to forests, protecting natural forests and the comprehensive management of the ecological environment in recent years. There are 24 million mu of forestlands in Ankang and the area of woodlands is 19.113 million mu with more than 50 million m3 of forest storage. There has been a net growth of more than 1.5 million mu with the forest coverage rate of over 50 percent in the past four years. All of these support the half of Green Ankang, which has blue sky, clear water and beautiful scenery.

Infrastructure Construction A three-dimensional communication network has been initially formed which consisting of civil aviation, railways and highways. Ankang Airport lies in Wuli Towns of western city, only 17 kilometers to the city center. There are non-stop flights from Ankang to Xi'an, Wuhan and other places every day. Five railways of Yangpingguan-Ankang, Xiangfan-Chongqing, Xi'an-Ankang, Xi'an-Chongqing (double track), Ankang-Wuhan (double track) are the important juncture of railway traffic among central south, north China, southwest and northwest, of which Ankang lies in the hinge position and reaches Beijing, Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Xi'an, Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Fuzhou, Qingdao and other big cities respectively every day. There are 316 and 210 national highways in Ankang where Xi'an-Hanzhong and Xi'an-Ankang expressways run through. There are 120 highways with a total length of 1300 kilometers, including 180 kilometers of arterial highways. One hundred percent of townships are now accessible by asphalt roads and of administrative villages are accessible by cement roads. The 422.2-kilometer section of Xiaohe-Ankang-the border of Shaanxi and Sichuan (part of Arong Banner-Beihai expressway) and Shiyan-Tianshui expressway will traverse through Ankang soon. Stored program control switching, optical fiber transmission and modern digital communication networks have been basically put in shape, meanwhile, mobile communications networks have already covered all the villages and townships of the city.


Investment Service:

The Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Municipal Government formulated the Decisions on Strengthening Trade and Investment Promotion Work, Opinions on the Implementation of Decisions on Improving Investment Environment and Further Opening to the Outside World, and Measures of Ankang City on the Assessment and Reward for Trade and Investment Promotion Work and so on.

Agency system of whole process and the joint table office system have been carried out in examination and approval for investment, implementing principal responsibility system, the system of ending transaction within limited time, charge items notification system and each level managing responsibility system for trade and investment projects.

Ankang City formulates a serious of preferential investment policies to investors from home and abroad to optimize policy environment, including investment field, land policy, preferential taxes and financial credit and other aspects and implements foreign investment enterprises certification system, meanwhile, ensures the implementation of various preferential policies.

At the same time, investment environment is optimized by various measures. Ankang has been set up the complaint centers of city and county, carried out reporting and recording system for examinations of law enforcement in foreign investment enterprises and practices working responsibility system for major cases and accountability for damage to the investment environment.


At present, the whole city reaches a common understanding of investment and development and the social environment of favoring, valuing, stabilizing and enriching the business circle prevails in Ankang.We believe that Ankang will be the ideal choice for domestic and foreign investors. Investing in Ankang is just an investment in Green, which is also the investment for future.